Enchantment as a Strategy

What if enchantment bathes the whole world and everything in it? What if everything comes from and returns to sparkle?

Flaming Heart, by Megan Massacre
Flaming Heart, by Megan Massacre

To live in enchantment, choose to feel enchanted. If you don’t feel enchanted, and you want to, change how you feel, like changing the radio station. You’re free to tune to a different channel — despair, boredom, terror, whatever — but awe, wonder, love, and fun — the ingredients of enchantment — grease the wheels for creative ideas, for innovative responses and fresh perspectives.

It might go like this:

  1. Gather your energy into your center. Somewhere inside your ribs. It shines there like a small sun.
  2. Remember that the sun is a star.
  3. Know that enchantment is not about you. It’s far, far bigger than you, but still, you get to choose your enchanted response. You get to make decisions.
  4. Feel into the creative, collaborative day ahead. Your fairy godmother waves her wand and showers you with the same magical stardust that makes up the earth and your body.
  5. Listen close, all day long. Listen for your guidance.
  6. Shazam.