The Enchanted Revolution

Some say that incremental change is the safest, sanest way to address systemic problems. But sometimes, when the cracks in a broken system shiver with seismic reverberations, and the pressure of looming catastrophe feels crushing, baby steps will not work, personally or collectively. Then it’s time for transformation, and transformation begins with enchantment.

To enchant a tricky situation:

  • stop judging it, so you can
  • look at it differently and
  • hold it lightly as you
  • attune to the possibilities that orbit like electrons, which will let you
  • stay nimble, stay quick, the better to
  • appreciate the metaphors and no matter what
  • be willing to learn
  • be willing to teach
  • be willing to work
  • be willing to play
  • be willing listen for wisdom and always, always
  • remember that it’s not about you any more than
  • it’s about everyone and all that is.


blue and green girl