Essays & Articles


“Baptism for the Dead,” Luna Review, March 2, 2016

“Love Letter to Blue,” Kosmos, May 5, 2015

“Where More Is Meant: Alchemical Imagery in Milton’s ‘Il Penseroso,'” The Ritman Library Blog, March 4, 2015

“BYU and Berkeley: A Survivor’s Tale,” Sunstone, October 2003, Issue 129

“Hail Mary,” Moondance, 2003


Short Stories

“The Deer in the Headlights,” Between, Volume 17, 2014

“Windows in the Deep Woods,” Halfway Down the Stairs, September 2010

“Clarity’s Companions,” Drops of Crimson, Vol 1 Issue 6, June 2009


“Salamandra and the Parking Meter,” Halfway Down the Stairs, March 2009

“The Running of the Duckies,” Expanded Horizons, Issue 4, January 2009

“After Vespers,” Fickle Muses, August 2008

“Where the Stream Comes From,” Serendipity, Issue 6, February 2008

“The Cave of the Winds,” Reflection’s Edge, Issue 31, December 2007

“The Rope,” Reflection’s Edge, Issue 21, December 2006

“Lirette and Riselle,” The Rose and Thorn, Summer 2006

“Tia Trementina,” Rosebud, Issue 35, April 2006



“Summoning the Luscious,” The Cafe Luna Review, August 20, 2015

“Images Are Things Imagined,” Goblin Fruit, Summer 2010

“Witchery,” Goblin Fruit, Autumn 2009

“The Geode Slice,” “Something Dipped a Claw in Ink,” The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, Fall 2008, Vol XVIII, No. 3


“From the Vantage of the Patio,” “The Shadows of Doubt,”, Issue No. 22, Summer/Fall 2008

“Fire Angel Baby,” “Roads Home,” “The Human Animal,” The Ghazal Page, January 2008

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“For Frances, On Beginning Chemo,” Sunstone, September 2005, Issue 138